Today’s world is not as clean as it once was and a large number of toxins put a daily strain on the body’s detoxification system. Some common sources of toxins include environmental pollution, heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides in the food chain, a diet that includes lots of processed foods and foods that are high in processed fats and sugar.

When the toxic load is high the immune system becomes dysfunctional and inflammation begins to build up in the body. Toxin overload is often the root cause of having a poor metabolic rate, of digestive problems, high cholesterol levels, feeling out of energy, skin problems such as eczema, infertility, headaches, autoimmune disease and chronic disease such as cancer.

There are many foods that can help cleanse the liver, which is the main detoxification organ in the body. This list is focusing on foods and herbs that stimulate the natural ability of the liver to expel toxic waste from the body:

  1. Milk thistle – A herb that has the ability to reduce inflammation and repair damaged liver cells.
  2. Garlic – Just a small amount of garlic can activate liver enzymes that help the body get rid of toxins.
  3. Green Tea – Full of antioxidants that help liver function.
  4. Citrus fruits – Citrus fruits like grapefruit, oranges, lemons and mandarins support the natural cleansing abilities of the liver.
  5. Beetroots – Contain betaine, an amino-acid that helps the liver break down fats and excrete via the bile in the intestine.
  6. Artichokes –They protect the liver and help damaged liver cells to regenerate. It boosts the levels of glutathione, the body’s key antioxidant and major substance that helps the liver neutralize and excrete toxins.
  7. Green Leafy Vegetables – Their chlorophyll content enables them to soak up toxins from the blood stream and neutralize heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides. Examples of green leafy vegetables include spinach, cilantro, kale and arugula.
  8. Cruciferous vegetables – Broccoli and cauliflower contain nutrients that support enzyme production in the liver. These enzymes flush toxins out of the body.
  9. Brazil nuts – Contain high amounts of selenium, a vital micronutrient that stimulates the production of glutathione – the liver’s main detoxifying enzyme.
  10. Turmeric – The most potent anti-inflammatory spice! Can be easily added in soups, cooked vegetables, rice and many more dishes! It helps boost the liver’s detoxification by assisting the production of liver’s enzymes.

Dietitian / Nutritionist
M.Sc. Nutritional Medicine