I like… Shu Uemura’s hair treatment!

Whether it is for a cut, blow dry or hair treatment, spending time at my hairdressers is something I’ve always done, even though I don’t have L’Oréal ad kinda hair!  My hairdressing salon, ‘art u hair house’ in Limassol, has- one -of- a kind treatments but the one I did last week, tops them all.


You must try Shu Uemura!  What a treatment! Apart from taking time out during each massage to take pictures for you to see, I thoroughly enjoyed every part of it.

What sets Shu Uemura Art of Hair’s hair care products apart is the brand’s rich use of results rare and precious ingredients that deliver unparalleled coupled with a sensorial experience.

It was a different experience altogether – one hour of proper pampering and sensual aromas.

Asked to put on Shu Uemura’s Komono and to sit down I had oil put on the roots of my hair to balance and hydrate the scalp, then had a shiatsu massage. My shampoo was to follow.

I had four hair treatments to choose from. I went for ‘colour lustre’:


During my 2 shampoos I had another shiatsu massage.  Bubbles, aromas, relaxation- BLISS!

The hair mask was then applied on towel dried hair and stayed on for 10 minutes during which I was massaged yet again!!! Both products and procedure were absolute heaven.

It ended with a rinse and a blow dry leaving me with extra silky, soft, FULL hair! Feeling completely and utterly relaxed I have no idea how I managed to pick up the kids from school!

I can’t wait to have another one! Next time it’s going to be