Last week I was thrilled to discover that the new collaboration between Marimekko & Clinique (#mycliniquecy) had arrived in Cyprus! Being a makeup addict I couldn’t help but buy myself a little prezzy. Little did I know these beautifully packed lip-glosses would actually become my new addiction…my everyday lip!

Fine tuning their lip glosses whilst jazzing them up with this classic pop of design, Clinique’s Marimekko collab has taken centre stage now that lip glosses are having their moment. Our recent article, ‘Sure to shine’ goes into detail about the gloss but after trying Clinique’s I had to write and tell you about this discovery….Clinique is definitely the word.

Marimekko/Clinique Pop™ Splash Lip Gloss + Hydration is available in 10 water-light shades of hydrating gloss and each shade is packaged in a unique and instantly familiar Marimekko print. As I mentioned in our Wednesday Morning Coffee Insta. story, being a nude kinda girl I chose 2 shades that would go with everything. No.11 Air Kiss (a sheer pinky shade) and No.03 Sorbet Pop (a sheer nude shade).

To be honest I was a bit concerned at the beginning because from experience, when products have too many hydrating ingredients they tend to become slightly sticky and sticky lips are not at all convenient or comfortable. I was wrong, their texture felt light and comfortable on the lips and I felt hydrated for at least 3-4 hours! No.03 Sorbet Pop was in fact easily buildable, I actually managed to get a really nice shade after a couple of applications.

WMC’s overall rating:   

  • Packaging gets 10/10 (love showing off my Marimekko gloss).
  • Handy size that fits everywhere.
  • Application is very easy and the thin formula allows easy build up.
  • Definitely NOT sticky.
  • Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free.
  • Average in price

From the same range you can also find Marimekko for Clinique Pop™ Lip Colour + Primer, which includes 10 shades of the iconic Pop Lip Colour + Primer.


“Marimekko was created to bring colour and happiness into people’s everyday lives. Sharing the same joyful approach to life, we’re thrilled to partner with Clinique to offer something surprising and exciting to customers around the world,”

 Päivi Paltola, Marimekko’s Chief Marketing Officer.


“This collection captures the quintessential modern aesthetic of Marimekko and the bright vibrancy of Clinique to inspire and empower women by bringing the joy of possibilities to her every day,”

Jane Lauder, Clinique Global Brand President.