• NO ONE LIKES CRACKED HEELS. After a long hot summer our feet are terribly dehydrated, often cracked and distressed mainly due to every day exposure to sea water, sand and the bad habit of walking barefoot. Even with the flip flops we wear, our feet are constantly exposed to harsh conditions and the only way to bring them back to their best state is by having a proper pedicure. It usually takes 2-3 pedicure sessions to bring our feet back to normal.

  • INGROWN NAILS. Correct care and cutting of toe nails results in overall healthier feet. With a proper pedicure, the nails are cut to the correct length so that they do not affect us when earing closed shoes thus avoiding any fungus.
  •  Pedicures aid in the correct circulation of blood and lymph and so they relieve any swellings.
  • YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON TO IMPRESS. A pedicure is usually done for us to see and enjoy and not to show off our feet to others.
  • With irregular pedicures you risk missing important signs that you’d otherwise take care of.  If you do not change your nail polish regularly, you might not notice nail fungus developing under that old coat of chipped red polish. Your nails could also be brittle, dull, thickened, or dark, and you may not even notice if your polish is three months old.

So the next time you say NO to a winter pedicure, think of its positive effects!

Eleni Savvides 

Owner:  Nyxi Nyxi Beauty Lounge