Sequins are inherently sassy – a grandiose fashion statement which demands attention. Every lady should own a fabulous sparkly number in her wardrobe (That’s why they’re such a New Year’s Eve and holiday party staple for women.) In general, sequins are seriously ‘hot’, so when it comes down to your evening outings this festive season, sparkle up one way or another, either with your dress, shoes or accessories. It’s all about the shine baby!

We have a couple of weeks to go before we ring in 2018, ample time to find our very own wearable disco ball. When wearing a sexy sequin dress for a party, keep in mind a few key styling tips to avoid looking like a Vegas showgirl.

When choosing the dress:

1. Keep accessories minimal and minimalist

A sequin dress need not be heavily accessorized. Flashy plus flashy doesn’t add to the style quotient. Keep accessories low key and minimal. If your dress sparkles, let it play first fiddle, a classic black pump (they are back), strappy sandal or an open booty for a more edgy look (this is what I would opt for). Add some delicate earrings or one big cocktail ring and that is it. The safest choice when it comes to the bag is a simple, plain clutch.


2. Classic silhouettes

A classic sheath dress is the perfect shape for a sequin dress because it’s not a trendy silhouette. We can’t all pull off ultra-trendy looks the way Carrie Bradshaw can for various reasons, including we’re not all writers for Vogue and this is real life people!


3. Mix and match textures

It’s also a good idea to select accessories in different textures when wearing sequins.

– a short jacket
– a denim jacket
– a short sweater
– a short fur


4. Short or revealing: Pick Just One

If you’re going to stick to one rule: keep it classy.  Show off just one part of your body that you’re proud of and cover up the rest.


5. Toned down hair and makeup

It can be easy to look garish when wearing sequins, much like accessories, keep your hair and makeup to a minimum and let that dress shine like it is meant to, that way the impact is greater.


6. Pair with neutrals

If you’re afraid the sequins will overpower you, pair your sparkly dress with a neutral element that will balance out your look. Sequin newbies may want to opt for a finished look with a blazer, that way it can be left on during the night.  If the occasion requires a floor length sequin gown, the same style rules apply. A simple satin clutch will suffice with a subdued hairstyle.


Good luck dress hunting!

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