October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and SPECTUS is supporting it by turning PINK! (more info at the bottom)

Did you know? Rosé wine is a major wine category all over the world. It is a blooming, deliciously versatile wine that can elevate every moment and can satisfy serious wine lovers!

Our #Pinktober recommendations start from sweet to dry, from Crémant to Champagne:

  1. BAVA, Malavasia“The sexiest wine in the world”

(price range in €: 15-20)

Bava always says that “Love is in the bottle”. When you first taste this wine you will fully agree with him.

Made completely from the aromatic grape variety: Malvasia of Schierano

A must-have sweet wine for every occasion, ideal as a welcome drink or for after dinner festivities! It is a surprisingly aromatic wine with an intense fruity aroma of wild red roses and strawberries. Powerful in taste and appearance!

Best served at 5° C.

  1. MASI, Rosa Dei MASIthe Supervenitian Rosé:

(price range in €: 10-15)

A fresh, fruity rosé wine, yet complex and elegant at the same time thanks to the use of the appassimento production method.

Made from “Refosco” grape variety, it has salmon pink, cherry-coloured reflections. It has intense aromas of perfectly ripened raspberries and wild cherries. From the first sip you can tell it is an elegant wine, well balanced with lively and refreshing acidity.

Amazing as an aperitif and with antipasti, light pastas, shellfish and seafood.

Best served at 10° C.

  1. Gustave Lorentz, Cremant d’Alsace, Roséthe gastronomic bubbly:

(price range in €: 15-20)

Made with the traditional method, also used in the Champagne region, this bubbly wine is a great, yet economic, alternative to Champagne.

Gustave Lorentz Crémant is made from a single grape variety: Pinot Noir. A wine which is full of charm and elegance.

Fabulous as a refined aperitif and an ideal cocktail or reception drink.

It is also a gastronomic wine as well. Fresh and discreetly fruity, it inspires a host of gastronomic matches throughout a meal, from cold or warm starters, to seafood, white meats and game and finally, desserts.

Best served at 7° C.

  1. Champagne Bollinger, Roséthe haute couture of the Champagne houses:

“Fresh as a Rosé, balanced as a Bollinger”

Close your eyes, give this a taste and I promise you will feel like you are drinking a big, red wine.

At first glance, bronze tones are combined with the intense depth of a great red wine.  Its scent is an explosion of noble red berries, such as red currant, cherry and wild, fresh strawberries, combined perfectly with a hint of spice.

Taste wise it is the perfect pairing of structure, length and vivacity. Velvety tannic aftertaste.

Pairs great with: lobster, crayfish and Japanese cuisine. It is also amazing with a fruit-based desert, such as strawberry tart.

Extra motivation:

During “Pink October” month, ALL Rosé Wines have 15% off (including Champagnes, Crémant and Sparkling).

By the end of October, 10% of ALL Sales of Rosé Wines & Champagnes, will be donated to Europa Donna, a non-profit organization that has been at the forefront of raising awareness regarding breast cancer and providing support to cancer patients.

We are stronger together! Show you care – be aware, by supporting this important and noble cause!

See you next week!

Until then.. Strike for a glass half full !

Nicole x