Water has always been at the top of my list. It is my ultimate thirst quencher and the only drink I can gulp down and thoroughly enjoy.  Knowing the benefits of it just makes me want to drink more of it, ok, until I hear it gurgling in my tummy and that’s when I know to stop!One of the reasons why women in their later years look so good, is because they are compulsive water drinkers (leaving aside the facial injectables). Being in my 30’s I know that one of the ways of eliminating those ‘lovely’ fine lines which we want to embrace but have difficulty in doing so, is by drinking water, well that’s what I say to myself anyway. I do believe it is true as it keeps us moist and elasticated. We mustn’t forget that water is our body’s source of life so being hydrated only improves our health and wellbeing and naturally flushes those toxins from our system. However, if you are not a water drinker, slices of fresh/dried fruit, vegetables and or herbs stirred into a vase of freezing cold water is something worth trying. It might just do the trick in making water interesting for those taste buds.

This year saw me admire, taste and become infatuated with infused water. Having it as the centre piece for all my dinner parties and events it would go down a treat. Intriguing and colourful to have in sight and so deliciously refreshing in taste, my vase of water never left the table. Topping it up throughout the course of the day I found my children also enjoyed filling up their glasses, catastrophe striking every time they would pour some alone!

Fresh mint, my fav ingredient to have alone or to mix with everything else when I have it in stock, lemon, lemon and ginger, lemon and cucumber, lemon and orange (notice the lemon always in my ingredients, probably because it’s the easiest to stick inside and it lasts for the day) watermelon, pomegranate, pomegranate and lemon, orange, strawberries and any berries for that matter are my basic infusions. There are so many different recipes. When I have nothing in the fridge I also throw dried fruit into my vase. I have recently discovered sliced dry apples covered in cinnamon from my local supermarket and I love having them in my water too. For more detoxifying and stimulating recipes visit infusedwaters.com or check out Jamie Oliver, he also has some great ideas.

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A mix for all seasons and the ultimate thirst quencher, a vase of infused water is a great way to drink more of it! A perfect display at any event and easy -to -do for most of us who run around like headless chickens all day long, you can also enjoy it on the go. Having in mind that it helps with weight loss, feeds fine lines and gives a healthy boost of vitamins, infused water provides that extra bit of sweetness without the extra calories and is admittedly enticing for the non water drinker as well.