Suffering from acne is frustrating and annoying. Day in day out the constant appearance of new pimples is irritating and our only is how to hide them. The skin tends to feel and appear very dirty and dull because any attempt to get rid of the pimples only wears it out. Unfortunately, I went through this period myself quite recently and for about 2 months and I felt depressed as it was out of my control. My face looked dull and was suffocated with several pimples appearing daily.

As I have recently started using the Biologique Recherche range in my salon, I was excited to start using them on me aswell. Unfortunately, my first encounter with the products had to be for acne and not for glow and brightness. To my surprise, I was introduced to the best product for acne, one that I hadn’t tried before.

 COMPLEXE IRIBIOL – A purifying serum aiming at preventing and alleviating skin imperfections by regulating sebum secretion and reducing inflammation thanks to anti-microbial active ingredients. The salicylic acid will clear out follicles of excess debris and skin cells whilst the zinc will heal the epidermis. Complexe Iribiol can thus be used as an anti-acne treatment or in case of occasional breakouts of acne (periods of stress, hormonal upheavals, special medication, etc.) for congested areas of oily and acne-prone Skin instants®. An intensive formula for healthier, more balanced and radiant skin.

This product worked wonders on me.

Tip: The secret for immediate results is the use of a complete Biologique Recherche range decided by your beauty expert.


Eleni Savvides 

Owner:  Nyxi Nyxi Beauty Lounge