Some say ‘a messy kitchen is a sign of happiness’. Agreed.

At the end of the day, every woman wants as much order as possible inside the kitchen. She needs to know where everything is, have super easy access to everyday items and utilize each corner effectively. When things aren’t made easy for a few women the kitchen might even be a space to ‘avoid’. It shouldn’t be a scary place to be, it should be practical and therefore pleasant and enjoyable, so as to become the heart of a home! Let’s exploit a few practical ways to make good use of this room.

  1. The cupboards should touch the ceiling. This will give you more space for either vertical positioned plates or mugs and some oldies that we are no longer use that much. This space can be for electrical items and for the special occasion wear that you don’t need every day access for.

  1. Build everything in, and make it practical! Coffee maker and water dispenser will make your life easier in the cupboards. This way you save space for some must-haves on the counters e.g kettle and toasters that you could probably match together.

  1. Store those ‘not-so-everyday-items’ on top of the window shelf.Every little inch matters’! A small shelf above a window will make a nice display for art or unique plates/ vases as well as some flowers or cactus that you don’t need to water every day.


  1. Put half the stuff on display. I mean replace the higher cupboards with shelves or if you don’t have cupboards, add some shelving from wall to wall and display your mugs/ glasses. The less attractive essentials can be stored in cupboards underneath.

  1. Add containers for most of the things that can be stored. Store your food/ spices in cool containers if you want to call yourselves super organized

  1. Hang your cutting boards, and create a nice backsplash for the hobs. Finally, add some cooking tools, that will suit the whole space and color–coordinate them with the rest of the kitchen cupboards.

  1. If you opt for an island bar, give it some drawers, maybe even on both sides to gain some extra storage. The stools that you will add to accommodate the island bar, can be used in other parts of the house as well.

  1. Get some drawer organizers, either for the cutlery drawer or for miscellaneous stuff like scissors, charger, keys, sunglasses or random tools and necessary things that you will always head there to find. They will look tidy and easy to access at anytime!


  1. Make use of the cupboards inside and store your grocery plastic/ paperbags or any other kind of bags. Not only will the space look much tidier but will be multipurpose!



  1. The following examples speak for themselves really and I’d like them all in my kitchen!

Peel your veggies or fruits near the bin, keep the sponges tidy and your laundry hidden, and lastly: recycle!

For a lot of people the kitchen is for sure, one of the most important rooms in a house, it’s a space of creativity and of conviviality. As Alberto Alessi advises ,‘Buy the kitchen you love and fill it with as much ‘poetry’ as you can. Lighting is important, both natural and artificial.

Thanks for reading.

Nicole Ioannides Varnava