Edward de Bono is a psychologist, author, philosopher, and consultant. He is the advocate of the teaching of thinking as a subject in schools! Therefore it’s safe to say that this specific technique is at least…proven solid!

It’s called the 6 hat technique and the idea is to wear all 6 hats, to look at the specific problem  from 6 different perspectives and form a decision based on all standpoints:

The White Hat:

See things from a logical standpoint. Change your perspective to a science-based approach using pure facts and no emotion.

The Red Hat:

Here you’re allowed to get emotional. Ask yourself, how do you feel about it?

The Yellow Hat:

Optimism and visions of the best-case scenario are to be used whilst wearing this hat. Make a list of all the benefits.

The Black Hat:

Critical thinking whilst imaging the worst-case scenario. Make a list of all the negatives.

The Green Hat:

Look at things from a growth standpoint. Think outside of the box and make a list of additional options and opportunities.

The Blue Hat:

Decision time! This hat is the one that considers the opinions and data gathering of all other hats. From an overview, standpoint make your decision!

I hope this helps, it is actually an amazing technique. The trick and difficult part is to wear each hat at a time!