‘Wednesday Morning Coffee’, my inspiration, my blog, my dream come true.

It’s been a couple of years since the idea of WMC came about; An idea that was triggered off by myself and a friend. We would jump at the chance to grab a coffee in the morning, midweek while our two children, then, were at nursery. Going solo, with my 2 children now, at primary school and  my new little bundle still with me at home, I have decided to follow through what I set out to do.

A lifestyle blog for women/ mothers who have a passion for fashion, life and everything in between.

Working as an English EFL teacher in the afternoon, whilst juggling extra school activities for my two oldest children, I am able to have a block of time at my disposal in the mornings. This is the time I catch up with my friends! Ok, not the only time, girls’ nights are also very necessary during the week. There is absolutely nothing better than girls getting together- however old they are, whatever their situation is and whenever they can! Just think of the fabulous Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, fictional characters, yes, but they really paint the picture of true friendship  when they’re together (Sex and the City will always be a fav, thanks to my friend Lydia).

So, It’s not only over regular cosmos and wine but also over a cup of coffee, frappe, or fresh juice (for some) that my friends and I talk about all our likes, dislikes, concerns and discoveries. Whether fashion and beauty, home and design, food and drink, our work and everything to do with mothers and children, our discussions are endless. We recharge our batteries and leave each other feeling positive not to mention full of energy to take on a jam packed day.

As I’m always being bombarded by my sisters, mum and friends on style tips, on what to buy, and where to buy it from, sharing on WMC I thought would be kind of a time saver;) saying that, over the past few years, I’ve learnt a hell of a lot from others too -You will hear it all!

So, I guess WMC will loom on to every minute of the day now that my team and I will be filling you in on stuff that comes up in the morning!

WMC also goes hand in hand with messenger chats we have going on with our close friends. A coffee or drink in our hands and a bit of modern world technology equates to a breather, fun times and getting in touch with the latest gossip! Remember, sharing is caring!!!

Grab a mo, have a read and enjoy Wednesday Morning Coffee… That midweek thing that brings the weekend so much nearer.


Who am I?

The white picket fence kinda living:)

Born and raised in the UK, I moved to Cyprus at 11 years old. After completing my GCSE’s at Secondary school in Limassol I finished my schooling off in the UK where I did my 4 A levels, I then continued my studies at University and came back to CY where I started teaching immediately at my mother’s English school.

My current state of affairs is that of a 39- year- old married woman with 3 beautiful children-boy girl boy. Part time teacher, full time taxi driver and now blogger.