“Wouldn’t it be great if we could put ourselves in the dryer for 10 minutes and come out wrinkle free?”

Being in my early 40’s I’ve noticed a few changes coming about both on my face and on my body. But being a firm advocate of aging gracefully without the assistance of anything injectable I respectfully accept these changes as being a natural part of life. Of course I would like to have the skin I had back when I was in my 20’s but seeing as this is impossible I have decided to take on a different approach and give my skin the care it needs to stay healthy looking and wrinkle free for as long as I can!  

Marias’s last video talking about Collagen supplement prompted me to start looking into this area and researching it. Collagen plays a major part in our bodies but unfortunately production naturally begins to slow down as we age. What collagen does is literally “hold us together”. It is the most common and abundant form of protein in the body found in many tissues of the muscles, bones, tendons, blood vessels, and the digestive system. Therefore, as we begin to lose it, our skin’s fresh appearance and uprightness declines while at the same time our overall volume diminishes. Unfortunately, this reduction also has an impact on our lips making them look deflated and thin. I know many of you wouldn’t consider this as a major issue but in case you are worried about it we can assure you that there are steps you can take to help enhance your lips – the natural way!

The No.1 step is ALWAYS remember to use an SPF lip protector. The skin on our lips is exceptionally thin and constantly exposed. Many of us (and yours truly) only remember to look after our lips when dry or even cracked. Big mistake! Since they are so exposed to the sun, collagen gets destroyed more easily resulting in premature deflation. I have been using Suncare UV Lip Color Splash SPF 30 by Shiseido for the past couple of years but I recently tried  Targeted Protection Stick SPF35 by Clinique which is a multi-task stick for all sensitive areas of the face and I was really pleased with it too. But if you don’t want to splurge out a lot, an over the counter lip SPF definitely does a whole lot of good to those lips of yours!

The second most important thing to have in mind is to cut down on smoking!  Every time you light that cigarette to relax or unwind have in mind that you are reducing the plumpness from your lips. Why? Simply because nicotine causes blood vessels to shrink and narrow, resulting in reduced blood flow and starving skin from oxygen and the nutrients it needs to remain healthy and supple. Also the repetitive sucking on a cigarette develops deep wrinkles otherwise known as smokers’ lines.

Keep those lips well hydrated with frequent application of your favourite lip balm and by drinking water! Applying lip balm adds much needed moisture, softens and eases any discomfort. Every so often I like to exfoliate my lips with Lip Scrubtious by Mac before applying my favourite balm to get rid of any dead skin and prepare them to absorb as much as moisture as possible.  As for a balm I am currently in love with this natural lip balm from a local producer – Rose Garden Lip Balm by Gaia Olea! I have been using it for the past 6 months now and trust me when I say it is miracle in a bottle. I usually apply it before going to bed and I can honestly ssay that my lips are fresh and soft by the next morning!


Remember, keeping your lips protected and taken care of will most definitely give you a healthier and sexy looking pout for longer!

‘Till next time…