Since many of you want me to share my skin care brand with you, I thought it was about time I did! I’m currently using Alpeor. I had never heard of them before going to Vita Spa but upon trying them out I honestly fell in love. Every age has different pre requisites. I currently need to boost my collagen and eliminate those fine lines that have made their way to the surface. But most of all I want to feel hydrated without clogging up my skin. These creams are all of what I need. Yes, at my age there needs to be a layering process, one that I was not familiar with in my twenties and earlier thirties but this brand makes it easy and very pleasurable to do.

Think Swiss Alps, nature and rare plant species, these are what make Alpeor’s formula so unique.

‘At the heart of the Swiss alps, our garden is a source of rare ingredients, and a unique vantage point for observing the plant world’ Alpeor

The best person to talk about my face creams is Niki Ioannou. The owner of Vita Spa who sources the brand in her spa. We had a chat about why I love my creams so much!

Have a watch!