Advice and recommendations are difficult to avoid, especially if you are surrounded by people who take care of you and let’s face it, in today’s world – your smartphone is the device behind any answer needed.

The good news, is that you don’t actually have to follow every self-help recommendation you see. Eg: the best weight loss diet or tips on how to handle relationships. Be conscious on who is giving this advice and if it actually suits you during your specific life period.

 Popular recommendations that you might want to ignore:

  1. Stay positive at all times. There are plenty of Self-help recommendations about staying positive, but they aren’t always helpful. It’s not okay to ignore your feelings and pretend to be positive. The key is to recognize and acknowledge your feelings, even if they’re negative or sad, and work through them.


  1. Believe that you can do anything. This is not the case. Trying to encourage people to find the confidence to start doing ‘anything’ is wrong. Each person has unique talents and abilities, but this self-help recommendation makes it sound like anyone can do everything. On the contrary, it’s better to recognize your gifts and focus on them.
  • For example, if you believe you can work without sleeping for four days in a row, you will make your body suffer, and you’ll burn out.
  1. Just ignore the pain. For example telling people to ignore the pain while working out. Blindly following this advice can lead to serious injuries
  • This is also used to tell people to ignore the pain from bad relationships or unhealthy situations. Pain is your body and mind telling you something is wrong and needs to be changed or fixed. Pay attention and act upon it!
  1. Follow a specific diet. This self-help recommendation forgets that each human body is unique. Although important, you need to find your own diet that suits your lifestyle, budget, allergies etc.


With the usage of the internet, self-help recommendations are hard to ignore, try to use the ones that suit your needs and question whether suitable for you. Each person’s situation and personality is unique so it best to use recommendations that apply to you!

Fotis x