When you think about asking for help, how does it make you feel? Maybe you are the kind of person who doesn’t think twice and just asks for it. However, this post is for those who find it difficult to ask for help, either from fear of rejection or fear of being considered stupid.

Why you may be struggling to ask for help:

  1. You believe your problem is too small compared to others.
  2. Fear of rejection. Judgement is itself a form of rejection. Perhaps this is the main reason people won’t ask for help.
  3. You believe it is a sign of weakness.

How to ask for help:

  1. It’s as simple as using the 4 little magic words, Can you help me?  
  2. Match people with tasks you need help with based on their interests, their strengths, their time flexibility and how comfortable you are with them. When you fear someone being judgmental, don’t ask!  Ask someone you feel safe and comfortable with.
  3. The more specific you come across the more valuable help you will receive. E.g. Can you help me with painting the house? Vs Can you help me with painting the house next Monday?

“Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it”

And remember, asking for help can be pleasant for the person who is being asked too!