What defines an It bag varies from season to season: Sometimes bloggers and magazine editors have been gifted a new style by a brand, which practically guarantees its status as the item of the moment. Other times, though, a piece is just so classic, so Instagram-worthy, that it naturally catches on like wildfire.

Whatever the reasons behind a bag’s rise to popularity, there’s no denying that we’re always trying to get our hands on the next big thing in carryalls.

New season, new bag. Nothing feels better than becoming the owner of a new handbag. One which makes all other bags fade into insignificance. This year, there were some fun twists on old favourites on the runway that came in a myriad of shapes and sizes — from bags with tassels to red statement bags that command attention. This year, resist the urge to pick up another safe bet and, instead, shop for something bold and exciting or something outside your comfort zone. This is what I did!

Even though strikingly shocking, the extreme Tom Ford ‘Pussy Power’ bag during fashion week grabbed my attention and made me want something bolder! My kind of bold though!

Smaller shoulder, clutch and fanny bags are making a statement in their own right.

Vibrant colours, unique shapes fun designs are all the rage. I personally went for a red cross-over this season, but for those who dare, the choices are endless.

So, to keep up with what’s trending, WMC is ‘putting money’ on these styles. Whether you choose to start a savings plan to eventually ‘bag’ the real deal, or are simply looking for silhouette inspiration on your next shopping trip, there will very soon be more-affordable, mass-produced versions of these bags!

Take a look at the next wave of ‘It’ bags of the season.




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