Natural light always brings joy and life into a space, even if it is indoors. It makes the space look bright and alive, so if you haven’t yet decided where to place the balcony in your house or apartment, choose east! It doesn’t matter if the square meters are not a lot, even a tiny balcony can be pleasant with a few clever beautiful touches.

Plants, green walls, and more specifically lush plants will brighten up the space and will give privacy. If you choose greenery to fill up the space, you might also like to add flowers that bloom every spring/ summer, which will bring life and all sorts of smells to the whole balcony. Not to mention you could add herbs which would smell terrific and be used for food. Furthermore, hanging plants are a great solution if you don’t have much floor space. Try Medinilla and Begonia to brighten up the space.

A few other outdoor plants which may be placed in big stylish pots are Hydrangea and Bamboo which will grow high and cover all unnecessary views. Lavender is another option if you like the smell of it.

Opt for floor pillows.  It allows you to have more adjustable seats on your balcony that give the feeling of a boho vibe and alternative design. People like me, do like to sit on the floor!  It looks less bulky if your balcony is small and if you occasionally would like them removed, easy!

Light up your space. This means candles, wall lights, hanging lights or small floorlights.  These have to be plenty to make a statement or let you “play” depending on the occasion.  If you are renting, you can use string lights or outdoor lanterns.  This can make your balcony charming at night automatically creating a romantic atmosphere.  Candles are always a nice option for a cozy feel.

Hang a chair or a hammock from the ceiling.  This can create a laid-back vibe and make you feel like you are on a constant vacation.

Using an outdoor rug, is a really good idea if you wish to make it cozier and homely like your indoor sitting area.  Patterned rugs look good if they match your furnture. Bright colourswork well or if the floor is already colourful maybe add a plain one for contrast.  If you have a neutral or a plain floor which is ideal in order to play with a few colours on the furniture / accessories, this can make it easier to choose a colourful or a Moroccan style rug.

Last but not least, give yourself some shade. Especially if you live in Cyprus, having shade during most months is a must.

There are some stylish, affordable shades on the market that could also make for a creative solution as well as offering you the right amount of shade.Finally, it will give you some extra privacy and allow you to enjoy your space any time of the day!

Thanks for reading.

Nicole Ioannides Varnava