Here on WMC we just love roses. Whether we are talking about the flowers or rose based products we simply have a soft spot for them. Like we previously mentioned in “The scent of roses” , products with rose extract are some of the best anti-inflammatory and scar reducing ones.  They have the gift of reducing redness and they generally calm skin. Not only do they have antibacterial properties and are high in vitamin C, stimulating collagen, they are also high in vitamin E and are very moisturizing. And for all these reasons we simply love Baume De Rose Nourishing Lip Balm and Baume De Rose Crayon Nourishing Lip Balm both by Terry!

The Lip Balm is an intensely nourishing lip balm with a concentrated rose blend formula. It protects all-year round and it gives lips a fuller and plumper appearance. It’s rich in Vitamins and has intense moisturising, regenerative and protective properties. It harnesses the power of rose blossom essential wax to soothe and repair the condition of dry, chapped lips. Delicate rose scent soothes the senses.Velvety smooth texture. Non-sticky finish.

The Crayon formula is easier to carry around due to its stick format. It is as intense and nourishing as the lip balm and it is a vitamin-rich handbag must-have that keeps lips intensely moisturised and protected on-the-go. What I like best about the crayon format is the precise ergonomic tip for easy application.

Both products are worth every single cent since just a little definitely goes a long way! They feel so luxurious and the packaging is beautiful. They have amazing soothing effects especially if you suffer from chapped lips. A definite must have for our upcoming winter!

Till next week…