Described as ‘the sexiest wine in the world’ and admittedly my favourite, this fruity, intense rose coloured wine is a hit for every happy occasion! Its fruity aroma of roses and wild strawberries is not only a pleasure to drink but to serve too. I drink it alone, with friends and generally serve it during festivities. With me, it has to be sweet. If something is sweet, I love it! 


‘The grape of origin of this delicate sparkling wine is Malvasia of Schierano; small bunches with red aromatic grapes, produced in few Northern municipalities of the province of Asti. For more than 60 years the Bava Family has worked with the local winegrowers to successfully produce these grapes. A great DOC wine, it is the ideal ingredient for refreshing long drinks and fine cocktails. The Malvasia Rosé Bava, produced like a sparkling wine at the end of the 70s, generated in Italy a trend of sweet, aromatic, rosé spumanti (sparkling wines). Today it is an icon on the shelves of the best wine shops.’ Spectus.