‘California dreamin’ has absorbed our thoughts all year round and we are finally enjoying our lazy summer days. Mid July and peak vacation period is finally underway for most of us. Time for some much needed fun in the sun. Island life equates to beach life and living on an island means beach life for pretty much the whole year round, give or take a month or two. It has taken years of practice with trial and error to get my island wardrobe right and I would like to pass some tips on to you. Beaching it on a secluded or buzzing beach this summer, my dress code is the same.

With your Instagram feed full of tempting photos of people at the beach with nothing but clear skies and an ocean behind them, it’s time to turn your bathing suit look up a notch. Previous blog posts ‘bikini bod’ and ‘suits you’ cover this year’s choice of swim wear but this post includes the cute bikini or monokini cover up.

White has the wow factor

White, cotton, long dresses, crochet details, oversized buttoned downs, frilly baby doll dresses, long simple kaftans, kimonos and tunics are all on my top list. Light weight and long sleeved, boho-ing it or not, the plainer the better. Neutrals are always a safe option and they don’t clash with your choice of swim wear or the colour of your toe nails. A white, sheer, cotton, smock top with a pair of jean shorts is an easy, ready- to-go choice with each item having beach babe stamped all over it. When worn alone they have an add on value.

A cover-up is the simplest solution for anyone who wants a go-to outfit that will come off as trendy without trying too hard. Lace cover ups are a perfect choice for their light, classic beach look. If something more casual is what you’re going for, choose a simply solid coloured cover-up instead. This cover-up will take you seconds to throw on and give you the entire day to show it off.

I also like shades of blue and black for beach cover ups.


Supporting a wild fox kinda look on the beach is sexy. Distressed clothing, oversized tee’s in pastels and colour and summer sweaters definitely have a swagger about them. I Love this, ‘I don’t care- I haven’t tried much but I look cool’ look too.

No to fuss

How can people wear heavy jewellery to the beach? Beads and shells and stacks of rings? I have tried countless times to ignore my frustration of necklaces tangling up in my hair, bracelets jangling (not talking about delicate arm candy here) and tan lines being created from my rings but it’s impossible. Jewellery at the beach doesn’t work for me. The only thing I can just about handle is my delicate anklet which is a’ barely there’ piece of jewellery, my friendship bracelets and a thin necklace depending on my mood.

Try putting sun protection on with gold and silver on your wrists and fingers. It gets all yucky creamy and dull. Ok, there is also the fear ‘you- might- lose- it- factor’ if referring to fine jewellery. I like to keep my body as light as possible in this respect. With a stylish choice of beachwear, who needs jewellery anyway? The only accessories needed are fun sunglasses (steer away from metal framed glasses to avoid discolouration of the skin and possible sun burn) and a straw hat.

As a common accessory for any sunny day, a pair of sunglasses immediately elevates any outfit, worn best with simple and solid coloured beachwear. Sunglasses double up as protection for your eyes and a fashion statement on its own and let’s not forget they can also hide those blurry ‘morning eyes from the night before’. With the numerous shapes and colours, choices are endless and if you get tired of having them on your face, push them up like a hairband for a simple, breezy, summery look.

Another summer accessory you can’t go wrong with is a straw hat. This neutral coloured hat will have you enjoying your summer whilst looking and feeling beach ready. Added value to the hat of course is sun protection. A fashion staple that benefits your health? What more do we want???

Putting all your ‘eggs’ in one basket 😉

Oversized, canvas bag or basket is an essential trimming to your beach outfit. The basket is probably the best choice for a summer tote, beaching it or not. Pile all your essentials into one ‘basket’ and you are good to go.

So with your embellished or plain pair of Havianas or your Ancient Greek Sandals hit the road in fabulous style.