Ahh Summer… the best season of the year for many of us but when it comes to makeup, we do have a bit of an issue. Heat and humidity are the “mortal enemies” of makeup and anything we try to put on will most likely melt off the minute we step into the scorching heat, resulting in either smeared eyeliner or super-sticky lipstick. When it comes to beauty products during summer, sunscreen is probably the only thing we should be layering on thick. But what happens when makeup is required and how do we keep it as intact as possible.

Great makeup always starts with a good skin care regime. During summer we sweat much more and if we don’t cleanse our skin systematically we risk the chance of ‘suffocating’ it. Therefore the importance of proper exfoliation and prepping the skin with sunscreen is vital. We need to exfoliate at least twice a week to remove dead skin cells and this helps moisturizing products penetrate deeply into the skin making them more effective. My tip is to use an exfoliating product that is not very harsh so as not to damage the skin. Try using Face Scrub for Gentle Exfoliation by APIVITA or Gentle Rose Exfoliator by ELEMIS

After exfoliation it is important you hydrate skin. Just as your body needs water, so does your face. Go for a light-weight cream now . I never use the same moisturizer as I use during winter as my face can’t ‘handle’ it. This year I opted for Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream by SISLEY and in all honestly, it is lightweight and I can barely feel it when I put it on.

Now to conceal. Ideally I would advise you to keep away from any concealers but sometimes the need to cover up an odd zit or puffy circles or ugly pigmentation demands for it!  Best to use exactly  where needed only and preferably with your finger using dabbing motions. This will ensure exact application. Instant Age Rewind® Eraser Multi-Use Concealer by MAYBELLINE surely does the trick since it makes the area appear radiant and refreshed in no time!

When it comes to foundation the heaviest I would go for is a tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizers help minimize the chances of your makeup turning into a sweaty, cakey tragedy the second the sun and humidity hits it. Instead they offer a sheer, glowy coverage and my current favourite just has to be Les Beiges Eau De Teint by CHANEL. This product is so refreshing and light I don’t even feel I have something on!


Water-resistant products are also quite essential during summer as well as multi-tasking makeup. Products like the Nars Multiple and Bite Beauty’s Multisick should be your best friends. Have a read through last week’s post to find all the details about these magic sticks.  Waterproof mascaras and eyeliners can become your summer go to product if you want avoid mid-day slip-ups. Invest in a good waterproof version of your favourite eye product.  In Extreme Dimension Waterproof Mascara by MAC is excellent! It’s the mascara I also use on clients who want their makeup to stay on for a long period.


Finally ditch the heavy lipsticks and opt for lip stains instead! The long-lasting formulas offer sheer coverage that can be built up, making them super versatile. Lip stains by BENEFIT are another personal favourite as I feel I can always add a lip balm on top to add moisture without worrying about any colour traveling. As an alternative use Addict Lip Glow Color Reviving Balm by DIOR as this is a type of 2in1 product – balm and stain together.

‘Till next week…