Our makeup often becomes a part of who we are sometimes to the point where we find it nearly impossible to let it go, even when there’s literally nothing left to use. Even though disposing expired makeup is definitely important and completely necessary to do, we’re all guilty of keeping products around well past that time. Why not upcycle used makeup containers? Reuse them by turning them into something new, exciting and most importantly useful. It’s actually quite fun!


As we all know the permitted amount of liquids we can take on a plane (when traveling light, that is,) is 100ml. Instead of rushing out to the nearest pharmacy last minute to find some travel-sized bottles, hold onto any empty skin care containers that are smallish. Re-pot your own products into these little containers to save time and the money.


Small items like hair elastics and bobby pins can be stored in used face cream tubs or cleaned out powder compacts so they are not left in the open and that way it’s easier to find them. You can also use them as small jewellery cases, to store pins, nail files, nail clippers and anything else that will fit into the containers you have.


Make an oil diffuser from a finished perfume bottle. Fill the glass bottle almost to the top with warm water. Put 20-30 drops of an essential oil into the glass bottle. Add the sticks in and in a few minutes the sticks will absorb the water and diffuse the scent. Refill the diffuser once the water level decreases. You can use all kinds of essential oils like lavender, peppermint, bergamot and rosemary always depending on your mood.


Makeup brush holder or flower vase

After a jar candle has burned out, use the glass jar as a brush holder or even a cotton pads container. Simply make sure that the wax has completely come out using one of the many methods found online, (hairdryer, hot water or even freezing the jar to remove unwanted residue) just choose the method that’s easiest for you.

Hope this week’s insert was somewhat more inspirational and remember upcycling your beauty products makes a big difference to planet earth!

‘Till next week…