Recently a friend of mine asked me what products I would recommend an active sporty person, that sparked my curiosity to research the subject and discover some amazing natural products that would suit his lifestyle.
The truth is, it all depends on your skin and what your concerns are, so take everything with a grain of salt. These are just ideas of how to be more organized and have everything you could possibly need and make your life a little bit easier when you go to the gym or work out outdoors.

So let’s begin!

If you shower at your gym, unless they provide products you’ll need to take your own. Why not take this opportunity to get a shower gel with Arnica in it which is famous for its muscle relaxing properties. There are countless Arnica shower gels in the market so they are super easy to find, one I like is the Weleda Sports Shower Gel.


When you get out of the shower, you can either use a normal body moisturizer, but again, why not use something that will help with sore muscles or firmness. Keep an eye out for the SPORTis Arnica gel in this convenient travel size, or a faster option if you are in a hurry, the Kiki Health Magnesium Spray for aching muscles.

Then deodorant… Essential. I think a spray deodorant is much easier to use in a gym environment. I absolutely love the Weleda Sage, the Neal’s Yard Lavender & Aloe, and the conveniently travel sized  Modern Botany.


Again, this will depend on your hair type, but I really love this little Evolve set that includes a mini shampoo, conditioner and a hair oil. They smell incredible, they are affordable, and they come in this cute cotton drawstring bag that you can reuse. 
I recently bought the tiniest wooden hairbrush for my travels, that would be perfect to have in your gym bag too. It’s by the natural and organic Austrian hair brand Less is More, and they come in all different colours, but I got mine in red!
Another thing you could have with you to make your life easier is the super famous Aquis Hair towel. This special hair towel is made with an innovative fabric that allows your hair to dry 5 times faster than if you had it in a normal hair towel and this is really handy if you want to speed up the process of getting ready. It also has the added benefit of helping with frizz and breakage because of its material that has less friction on the hair. Genius, I know.

This is obviously the part where I need to emphasize again that it will definitely depend on your skin type. However, if you are concerned about bacterial infections in the gym then having an antibacterial facial cleanser should put you at ease. I love the Antipodes Juliet cleanser because it has manuka honey and antioxidant rich berries and because it’s in a gel form it is super easy to use and wash off, without the need of cloths and cotton pads. You can literally have it in the shower with you, it’s that easy.
Then I would recommend my favorite mist, the Josh Rosebrook hydrating accelerator, because of it’s convenient 60ml size, and it’s refreshing wake-up-quality.

Right after you mist your face you should use the Ren Glow Daily Vitamin C Gel Cream as it is very zingy citrusy and energizing, but also lightweight and easy to spread. It has a pleasant orange smell, which will set you up for the day and get you into a good fresh mood!

Make Up:

If you can’t bare the thought of going out with zero make up after your workout then that’s fine, there are some super quick and easy things you can do to make yourself look more polished and put together. I highly recommend the Madara CC Cream for a few reasons. It feels creamy and lush, just like a moisturizer would, it has hyaluronic acid and SPF 15 both great for skin maintenance, and it has the perfect amount of coverage without ever looking foundation-y. It comes in a handbag-friendly packaging and it’s relatively affordable. Love it!
Then after you even out your skin tone, it’s really up to you what your priorities are in make up. For some people it is mascara or brows, personally I would go for a cream blush that can be used on lips, like this tiny Inika pot or the Ollio E Osso tinted lipbalm.


If you exercise outdoors then that means you need a good SPF, especially if you live in Cyprus. I recommend the Salt and Stone SPF 50 Stick because as the name suggests it’s a stick so it’s extremely easy to apply and reapply throughout the day. It also comes in this super slick and modern packaging, perfect for keeping it in your pocket. For the body I would go for the Madara, it’s the one I’ve been using for the past few summers and I’m still loving it.

Then of course you need a reusable water bottle that has the ability to keep your water cool. I recommend the Swell Teakwood bottle but obviously choose a design you like. Swell and also Chilly have a huge plethora of designs so I’m sure you’ll find something you love.

Lastly, a cute, practical pouch to put everything in is essential to keep things organized in one place. I think Elizabeth Scarlett does the best pouches for these sort of purposes but if you have something at home that you think you can use, then reuse what you have.

Well hope that was helpful!

Have a great day xx

The Green Edit,