Do you remember life  before lockdown?

I’ve really missed what my life used to be like but this lockdown has helped me as an individual, as a mum and wife to appreciate life more and enjoy every single minute with my children. The moments we’ve experienced, will be cherished forever.

The craziness and their tantrums will always exist, so there’s not much we can do about that. Spending the whole day looking after young kids, having to satisfy their needs whilst being a perfect homemaker is not easy! It’s tiring, exhausting and absolutely draining.

If you ask me what I’ve missed the most it is being able to look after ME for a change because let’s face it, all this time has deffo not been about ME, it’s been about US. Being able to meet my besties, enjoy my time with them, do my nails and dye my hair seem so sacred now whereas before these things were taken for granted.

We all have different needs, hobbies, and things we do in order to relax. Travelling, listening to music, reading books, going out for drinks, exercising or even doing some housework without worrying about destroying the kiddies  kingdom, which by they way used to be the dining room! Now we are free to do all the above. The time has come to get back to what we knew as life but not at the full speed it once was but at a more balanced rate.

This pandemic has taught us all a lesson. We have started to appreciate moments much more, have become productive in both our homes and with the people around us and have learnt to live simply again. We mustn’t go back to our pre Covid days but take what we have learnt, re discovered and gained to only better our lives and look at life differently.  

Personally, I already find myself more relaxed with my responsibilities as a mum, wife, working woman and I try to think of everything more positively. Life might not always hand you what you want but it’s our job to make the most of what we are given. Maybe this lockdown was a present in disguise.

Let’s keep a balance because we had no idea what balance was before.