The ego, a person’s sense of self-importance can be dangerous and tricky. It has the ability to push us to do remarkable things, but can make us unhappy in the process.

It’s not coincidental that many “successful” people have the biggest egos, houses, the most cars and bags of cash but however, are also unhappy!

This boils down to the simplest of reasons that: The ego is never satisfied. Each success or achievement must be bigger than the last. There’s no peace of mind. The ego can seldom live in the moment and enjoy what life has to give because it is constantly looking for more.

How to move beyond your ego to find true peace and happiness:

  1. Avoid taking things personally. You sometimes misinterpret the intention of others. Your imagination is partially driven by your ego.
  • Even if someone insults you directly, their words are nothing more than sound. The sound of a tree falling wouldn’t offend you. An insult is no different. Only your ego and your interpretation make it so.
  1. Avoid comparing yourself to others. This is a big one. Are you better than someone else if you own a bigger home or wear nicer clothes? Is someone better than you if they get a higher salary? Comparisons prove nothing! 
  2. Recognize that you are not your thoughts or your emotions. You are the consciousness that witnesses these things. When you are able to see your separation from your thoughts, you can also see the separateness you have from the things that happen around you.
  3. Avoid criticizing others. When you criticize it’s like you’re pointing out that there is a better way. Give up your need to be right and to correct others. It’s only to make yourself feel better.
  • If you believe you’re trying to be helpful, be ego free, lose the desire to criticize and say what you must transparently, politely and in a friendly, suggestive way.
  1. Question your motives. Imagine you’re buying a new car. Ask yourself why. Do you really need a new car? If you do, ask yourself if you’re considering an appropriate car for appropriate reasons.

This is not an easy topic to grasp. However, consider that your ego can stop you from being happy, can result in you feeling in a state of stress, desiring things you don’t actually and personally want or even need!

We can learn to be more than our egos and enjoy a life more satisfying and peaceful! Think about it!