Over the years, eyeshadow trends have changed, the days the only choices for eye makeup were natural browns or black are long gone. Now we have so many different shades and textures we can use and create an effortless, chic look. Saying that, with so many choices it’s sometimes difficult to choose the right eye shadow colour. Here are some tips on how to choose the right shade to create a flattering eye that suits you and at the same time enhances your own natural eye colour.

The first thing you need to do is have a look at the colour wheel.


This can help you pick the best shade to make your eyes stand out. Choose a shade that is on the opposite side of the colour wheel. For example, if you have blue eyes you need to choose a goldie/bronze shade since contrasting tones will draw attention to your eyes. Use a metallic finish shade and this will reflect and mimic the colour of your eyes.

  • Brown Eyes

Ladies with brown eyes are the luckiest since they seem to have the most adaptable eye colour! Essentially they can wear almost any colour and have a dazzling look! A greenish-gold shade will make brown eyes look lighter whereas a bronzy shade will bring out the strictness of the brown. If you have really dark eyes, add black eyeliner on your waterline for extra definition.

  • Blue Eyes

If you have blue eyes, shades with orange hints such as rich browns, gold, and dusty rose can be used to create a soft, understated smoky eye to make blue eyes pop. All kinds of purple shades will do wonders in emphasising blue eyes. What you need to bear in mind though is that black eyeliner may look too harsh, so in order to get the same ‘hot’ look try brown or bronze eyeliner instead.


  • Green Eyes

If your eyes are green or hazel, then red is your colour. Since red is not the ideal shade to create a sexy, natural look, I recommend using eye shadows in the pink family or darker tones with reddish undertones like bronze, rust and mahogany. Hazel eyes can get their sparkle by sweeping a golden shadow across the entire lid or in the corners as a highlighter. The metallic effect boosts the brown and green spots in your eyes and makes them appear more glowing. Remember, like blue eyes, black eyeliner looks a bit too harsh so use shades like charcoal, silver or even something with a bit of colour!

  • Grey Eyes

Grey-eyed women have one of the most exceptional eye colours and these eyes look best when paired with eye makeup that enhances their shade. Choose a blue shadow with cool undertones to intensify this rare, stunning eye colour. Grey eyes can sometimes appear flat, but a shiny cat-flick or all-over wash of shimmery charcoal will add depth and enrich the color.

Till next week…