When it comes to blusher, anything goes, even though some opt not to use it all together as it’s seen as‘old fashioned’. Newsflash, using blusher does a lot more than just add a splash of color. It adds depth, definition and with the right type of product, a little glow!  Dewy, healthy looking skin is always in fashion and with just the right amount you are blushed to perfection. Using blush is easy to use and you don’t have to be an expert to know how. Just pick a universal pink or peach shade and sweep it onto the apples of your checks, blending upwards toward the temples if it’s powder form.

Gone are the days of only powder blushers. Today you can choose from powder to cream based to liquid. Each one offers a different effect depending on what you want your end result to be.

If you are used to using a powder based blush, then it’s good to note that powders work better on more oily skins as they tend to ‘stick’ on the skin and not slide off. You also need to have in mind that powders tend to get caught in fine lines and wrinkles and as a result they intensify them. For this reason, you can opt for a cream blush that is good for drier skin since it’s more hydrating.

Tip: I like to use a liquid blush and place it right after I apply foundation, before setting it with a powder as this gives the illusion that the colour comes from within. If I want to make it standout I will top it up slightly with a light shade in powder blush.

When it comes to powder blusher it is wise to choose a universally-flattering shade and the best example just has to be NARS Orgasm Blush.

It is a peachy pink colour with golden shimmer and it is favoured by women and makeup artists all over the world. Tip: when picking a blusher go for a shade that has golden undertones as it suits every skin and adds warmth. If you want to go for a liquid blusher my personal favourite is GIORGIO ARMANI Fluid sheer No.6.

And remember:

“Makeup is not a mask that covers up your beauty; it’s a weapon that helps you express who you are from the inside”. Michelle Phan

‘Till next week…