Books transform you elsewhere. When a reader tells you about a good book they have read, they immediately become passionate and end up talking about far more than just the book. Books are a magical form of escapism that can satisfy everybody if given the chance.

Used in many ways, books can also be used for interior purposes. Known as table books, they always add a touch of style and sophistication to a space. Pinterest – home décor envy is a perfect place to picture what I mean! Normally found in the living room with full page graphics, your choice of book /books should be displayed in a prominent way capturing your interests for your own satisfaction. I believe they are one of two items you can never have enough of. Candles are my other favourite interior décor, let’s leave that for another WMC article.


Over the years our house has evolved from being an empty space where I could sprawl all my shoes out on the floor, to a giant play area with toys in every part of the house tripping us up, to eventually a home filled with artefacts and sentimental ornaments that I love. It has taken years for me to accumulate objects of my desire and furniture for that matter but all the while my table books have helped style certain areas even in an unfinished room. Watching them change surfaces as we worked on different sections of our home, they would always end up taking the limelight.

img 2196

Table books fill surfaces with colour and intellect offering the space a sense of warmth and entertainment. Many a times have my guests flicked through my books whilst waiting for their drink, waiting for me to get ready, out of curiosity, or even during a group conversation.

Different shapes, different sizes, different genres, you can find the perfect one for your space and taste. I have received some thoughtful ones as presents over the years and have bought a few myself. They are always a lovely gift if you know the person and their interests.

The following 12 books are a small preview of what I own or want on my coffee table:


Because it was my first table book and a source of inspiration for ‘Wednesday Morning Coffee’.


Because I became passionate about WW1 whilst studying Wilfred Owen during my literature course at school.


Because the Titanic left an impact on me.


Because not only is the cover to this book alluring, Gustav Klimt is a much-loved artist of mine.


Because I have a thing for Paris even though I’ve only been there once.

IMG 2208.JPG

Because I’m in love with New York (I blame television and my favourite romantic comedies.)


Because Kate Moss is beautiful and Mario Testino is super talented.


Because no coffee table collection is complete without a Vogue.


Because Chanel is Chanel.


Because it is a top pick for a fashion lover and it’s Pink!


Because it is current and an excellent read.


Because it is a page turner with edgy, cosy, lux, ideas.

IMG 2216.JPG

Because there are so many places I want to visit.