Up until recently I used to get my brushes mixed up simply because I didn’t know which one to use when.  My makeup lessons with Barbara Nikolakaki have solved this problem and now I can help you use yours properly! Below you will find my 5 favourite types of brushes and how I like to use them.

My number one MOST favourite brush is my Foundation Brush. I always used to apply foundation with sanitized hands but I would always get too dirty and in the end waste too much of the product. After applying it a few times with a brush I discovered that the result was much more flawless and precise. I use makeup brush 16BJF by Inglot which is a 3 in 1 blunt end brush, perfect for applying foundation and sculpting the face.

The Powder Brush is usually soft, full and rounded and this allows it to easily pick up powdered products. All you have to do is simply pat the brush into a powder product, dust off any excess and apply using sweeping and circular motions. I like to use either 1SS by Inglot or 25SS by Inglot.


The Bronzer Brush should be a slight angled fluffy brush which as it gives you precision when you apply your bronzer. You could use Pro Angled Brush #49 by Sephora, 3P by Inglot.


The blusher brush is usually made of fine, gentle fibres and has a soft rounded head. A very good brush to use Blush Brush by Real Techniques or Perfect Blush Brush by IsaDora (both can be purchased from https://eu.feelunique.com)

The next set of brushes are for the eyes. I like to use a medium sized eyeshadow brush with stiffer natural hair, 13P by Inglot to build up colour on the upper eye lid and then use a softer brush 46SS by Inglot or 52S by Inglot  for blending. For the lower lash line I use 49SS by Inglot.

Clean your brushes regularly as you run the risk of bacteria accumulation only to harm your complexion. You can either use a specialised brush cleaner once a week (most of which contain alcohol and excessive washing can dry and damage your them) or use regular shampoo and wash them every time you use them letting them dry downwards.

So there you have it…my 5 most used brushes. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us any way you like either through our website, Facebook or Instagram.

Till next week ladies…