No home is complete without candles whatever the season. Using candles to decorate your home is nothing new, they have existed for thousands of years and have gone from providing light to being a serious interior artefact, creating style and ambience. I love them especially scented candles! Making sure my space smells heavenly at all times, in glowing candlelight, helps me relax, unwind and enjoy a cosy yet elegant living space.

Candles are great gifts to give. To be honest most of mine are gifts and there is always room for them on my coffee tables. They can also add extra ornamentation to other items – to trays, table books and flowers. A great advantage is that you don’t need to spend a fortune. There are selections for all price ranges and the effect is pretty much the same. Luxury candles have the upper hand in design and scents. They last longer and look better. Having said that though I have to admit that my Zara ones, bought in the sale, are just as beautiful in scent and décor.

In general, I have a fetish for smells – strong woody smells that are mysterious, spicy and quite masculine are my favourite. I’m not hot on the sweet or flowery type but I do enjoy fresh fragrances that are light and summery too. For me, number 1 is the scent, the design definitely comes second.

A great tip is to reuse candle containers especially if they are out of glass. They are stylish and definitely useful, either for cotton wool pads or buds, make up brushes, pens and pencils, jewellery or anything else you can put in a pot. So next time your candles burn out, clean and recycle!

candles 1

Here is my mini candelicious list to give you some guidance the next time you go candle shopping: