The restaurant wine order, ritual can be very  intimidating.

For some people, going to a nice restaurant, being in charge of ordering a bottle of wine for the first time, kinda feels like going on a first date. Saying that, I’d take the wine over stress date, anytime!

Once you’ve navigated the wine list and chosen your wine, follow these easy-peazy steps, look like a pro and have style:

  1. Look and actually check the bottle:

Make sure it is the right wine!

Giving a quick glance at the bottle, can sometimes be insufficient. For example, different vintages, sometimes have different prices and a huge taste difference.

Always remember: “The restaurant is always to blame for serving you the wrong wine but on you too if confirming it to be the right wine”

  1. The uncorking:

Here’s the part when a proper wine snob, sniffs the cork. Repeat after me: Do. Not. Sniff. The. Cork.

You can’t understand much from the above action though. You can always touch the cork, on its wine wet side just to ensure that it is damp – but if the wine was in contact with it, it wouldn’t be dry and crumbly. It should not be overly wet nor crushed as this can cause overoxidation to the wine.

If you haven’t spotted any abnormalities and unless you want to keep the cork as a souvenir (can be used for creative décor- future article loading), then give it back to the server.

  1. The first sip:

The moment of truth! The server will pour a small amount in your wine glass. Look at its appearance, preferably on a white background (can be a plate or a tablecloth).

If it looks normal and attractive then proceed with a soft swirl of your glass, preferably by keeping it on the table. This movement will aerate the wine and release its aromas.

Take a small sip and try focusing on anything that seems unexpected or unpleasant. IT IS AT THIS MOMENT you inform your server and not after your table has drunk half the bottle!

SOS Reminder: You can always request a wine to be replaced without being charged if something is off with it. Requesting similar action with a wine you just did not like, is a serious faux pas!

There you go! This ritual is now drama-free. Sit back, relax and enjoy your meal & your wine in good company! 

See you next week!

Cheers, Santé and Yiamas..

Until then.. Strike for a glass half full !

Nicole x