The 5 stages of getting ready for Cardio!

The first thing all my clients tell me on their first day is “I hate cardio, I won’t do it.  Give me anything but cardio”.  Wishful thinking! When referring to cardio, most people think we are talking about endless kilometres of running or cycling – it can be a lot more fun than just that! Cardio training can involve any activity that increases the intake of oxygen and heart rate and there are numerous protocols you can follow to perform cardio training without any equipment.

The Benefits:

  • Improvement of physical fitness and stamina
  • Improvement of cardiovascular and cardio-respiratory system
  • Decrease of body fat
  • Increase of metabolism
  • Better brain function

How often?

According to studies conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine (A.C.S.M), it is ideal to perform cardio training with a certain regularity, without long absence periods, and with a rate of 3-4 times weekly of 20-30 minutes each time. 

Just one step at a time, you got this! 


Stefanos Thrasyvoulides