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To Nisi (aka The Island)

For the rest of the world ‘To Nisi’ hype started in 2010. For myself, it began in February this year, when my friend Maria bullied me into watching it. Of course I had read the book, of course I knew the story but nothing touched me in quite the same way as this Greek, 26 episode adaptation of Victoria Hislop’s, ‘The Island’. Watching it in record time, this very emotional drama bewitched me from the very beginning leaving me wanting…

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Our Canterbury Tales

#elcgoes2uk; the hashtag that was bouncing off one Instagram picture to another which hyped up our tales but clearly did…

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A Bitter Sweet Symphony

Two friends, a tear jerking wedding and an inspirational honeymoon. This post would have been written even if I didn’t…

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Summer Holiday

‘We’re all going on a summer holiday No more working for a week or two. Fun and Laughter on our…

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Elevation, Staycation

Summers are not just about travelling abroad and going on holiday. They are about a longed awaited rest. A chunk…

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London Calling

Having spent my primary school years in North West London, I never appreciated it. When we relocated to Cyprus I…

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I may not have managed to get on a plane to Singapore but my 5-day New Year’s minication to Athens…

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Ok, because I haven’t been anywhere lately, and because I can’t write about previous holiday destinations, as I won’t be…

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The Big Blue

My mother always babbles on about her summer holidays to the Greek islands. ‘It’s the best place to be in…