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Let’s bring back that good old fashioned summer holiday

Doing the usual scrolling down on Facebook, I recently came across a photograph, which brought back a thousand and one memories from my childhood summers. It was of our family friends and their friends, nostalgia hit hard when I fondly recognised the veranda and the background of where the picture was taken. As a child I used to spend part of my summers at this place with my mum, dad and sisters. I couldn’t wait for the time when we…

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Our Canterbury Tales

#elcgoes2uk; the hashtag that was bouncing off one Instagram picture to another which hyped up our tales but clearly did…

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A Bitter Sweet Symphony

Two friends, a tear jerking wedding and an inspirational honeymoon. This post would have been written even if I didn’t…

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Summer Holiday

‘We’re all going on a summer holiday No more working for a week or two. Fun and Laughter on our…

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Elevation, Staycation

Summers are not just about travelling abroad and going on holiday. They are about a longed awaited rest. A chunk…

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London Calling

Having spent my primary school years in North West London, I never appreciated it. When we relocated to Cyprus I…

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I may not have managed to get on a plane to Singapore but my 5-day New Year’s minication to Athens…

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Ok, because I haven’t been anywhere lately, and because I can’t write about previous holiday destinations, as I won’t be…

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The Big Blue

My mother always babbles on about her summer holidays to the Greek islands. ‘It’s the best place to be in…