It’s in the details

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Discover your Subconscious Mind

Decisions that we actively make are done by using our conscious mind. Choosing a channel on the TV, buying clothes or deciding what we’re going to have for dinner. But there’s another aspect to your mind that is the real driver of your actions, the subconscious. Your subconscious is most active during sleep and when you’re mildly distracted. Have you ever wondered how many brilliant ideas you’ve had while showering, driving, mowing the grass, or taking a walk? This is…

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It's in the details


by Christiana Anastasiou Macramé is the craft of Knotting. Like knitting and weaving, knotting is another form of producing textiles.…

It's in the details

Shoe tidy

 I may not have the world’s best fantasy walk-in shoe wardrobe (yet;) but with some thought and creativity my dream…