Super Sunday

Mummy Cool Super Sunday

Tabata Workout

Standing elbow-knee Left Side Standing elbow-knee Right side Side lunges (left side) Side Lunges (right side) Sumo Calf raise Side-ling leg kicks Side-lying leg lift The hundred   Do 3-5 rounds of 20 sec each exercise Rest between exercises 10 sec    …

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Mummy Cool Super Sunday

Abs and Kick

  Kick and lunge  3×16 Plank butt-ups  4×8 Reverse crunches  4×10 Sumo jump squat  4×10 Lying back extensions (opposite arm-leg) …

Mummy Cool Super Sunday

Band it!

Full body program with resistance band   Bicep Curl 3×10 Reverse bicep curl 3×10 Chest band 3×10 Side shoulder raise…

Mummy Cool Super Sunday


  Shake up your body with Stefanos’ motivating Sunday home work out sessions! It’s leg’s today guys, so get crackin’…