OK, this recipe is as easy as 1,2, 3 ,A,B,C ! Think cheese pie, think crispy, think absolutely, fabulously delicious! Now jot it down!


  • Packet of filo pastry
  • Box of feta cheese450gr.
  • X1 packet of Manouri cheese
  • 1 tin soda water
  • Olive oil


Mix the two cheeses together and crumble.

Gently spread a sheet of pastry on an oiled based oblong Pyrex. Brush lightly with olive oil and then repeat for three sheets folding the sheet of pastry in the opposite way each time. Divide the cheese mixture in two and spread ½ of mixture onto pastry and then repeat as before using 3 /4 sheets and then the rest of the cheese. Finally top the cheese with the rest of the pastry. Use a knife to score into pieces ready for serving. Pour the tin of soda on top and cook at 185˚ for 45 min.