Unwrapping the same over cluttered Christmas tree year after year, ok, apart from my 2017 ‘let-me-do-the real – Christmas tree exception, I thought I’d have a look at what’s happening in the world beyond my home. Whether or not my house will be up for the 2019 trends, I couldn’t help having some fun browsing the web and Pinterest to look for some ideas!

Sharing on WMC I can visualise all the things I like and would deffo go for if I were to start from scratch or could afford to update existing décor! I’m in the mood for big time re vamping at the moment! Blame it on Pinterest! Saying that, each year I find myself going over the same notions yet always ending up feeling sorry for my ‘one- of- a- kind’ bits and bobs which have made their way to my home right from the time I first started out and truth be said although I admire and possibly crave a change, my heart wouldn’t allow me to because I am a traditionalist.

So, below are a few trees which embrace an alternative winter wonderland followed by some traditional beauties which have inspired my tree design over the years:

The all white Christmas tree

Natural materials and earthy motif Christmas tree


Chic and natural Christmas tree


The over-sized ornaments Christmas tree

The pastel Christmas tree

The muted, glittery ornament Christmas tree

The rustic Christmas tree

The geometric Christmas tree

The brilliant blue Christmas tree

The rustic chic Christmas tree

The plain Jane Christmas tree (I always have one of these in the TV room due to it being a closed off room. I love it)


Traditional beauties:

My Christmas tree