For a teenage girl, her bedroom is an opportunity to show off her individual style and changing interests and there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. If Mean Girls taught us anything, it’s that teen cliques/groups/squads have their own distinct style. It may be the fact that I am now in my 40s and am well out of the “teen scene” but it REALLY feels like teenagers these days have stepped up their style game, right? Real life 13 Going On 30.  So, this Christmas, splashing out on a few bits and pieces for her bedroom can only be a win win situation!

Having transitioned between princess-style little girl room to teen, cooler than cool bedroom last year, I figured that with a few bits and bobs it could become even cooler and cosier this Christmas. IKEA was my teen’s choice of furniture (bed and desk) so going along with her taste and my budget, I stuck to IKEA for her Christmas gifts too. There are so many choices, styles and price tags to choose from which makes life a whole lot easier for us Santas! Truth be said, this online shopping that’s taking centre stage at the moment is a godsend!IKEA allows for a change without breaking our bank accounts. Teens tastes change like the wind so trying to keep up with them is also challenging.Nayia’s bedroom, a neutral base is ideal for teenage bedrooms, it offers the opportunity to chop and change the look as quickly as teenage tastes, feelings and styles do! She opted for classic white furniture with a slender profile, as this will help reduce the sense of clutter. Saying that, this sunny, pretty space is really all about the details; bedspread, mirror, lamp and a tactile pouf to ensure this space is modern and still playful. These are exactly the things I selected from IKEA to help me lift it up!

Great choices for a teens Christmas IKEA!

Maria x