My experience in beauty and skincare has shown me that many women can’t be bothered or don’t make time to look after their skin like they should. If they could press a magic button to make their skin young and healthy looking, they would. Not possible though!

I am constantly asked for a product that works wonders for everything; wrinkles, glow, oxygen, whitening… the lot. Women want an easy solution that is cost effective and easy. This though is not the case when it comes to skincare. There are different products for different skin types, problems and different areas of the face. Many of my clients also think that with a trip to their beautician’s once a month their skin problems are to be solved. Unfortunately, things are not so simple. Our skin needs discipline; frequent, proper care at home and at the hands of a beautician.


Some basic steps for healthy looking skin:

A basic but vital step, is the proper cleansing of the face.

A modern cleansing method is double cleansing – cleaning the face twice. Although already mentioned on Wednesday Morning Coffee, it is important and therefore will be written about again and again. Our face is exposed to pollution and therefore needs to be washed thoroughly.

Investing in a good facial cleanser is the foundation for healthy looking skin. You need a product that dissolves makeup.


  • Put it on your face and with circular motions neutralize your makeup.
  • Remove it and continue with a cleansing wash suitable for your skin type and soap it down.
  • Follow with a toner. This will clear any residue and balance the ph. of your skin to fully absorb the next product!


Tip: Better to use your toner on a cotton pad rather than spray it on your face. This results in better cleansing.


Try it and you will see, it will have definite results!


Favourite facial cleanser: ELEMIS Cleansing Balm


Eleni Savvides,

Owner:  Nyxi Nyxi Beauty Lounge