Solid shampoos sold here

I’m so proud, excited and happy about finally seeing some changes happening in my home country, the past year. I feel like climate change is much more discussed now, natural beauty is more and more requested by the locals, and ecological living is embraced by some. Things are nowhere near perfect but I have noticed a change and I want to celebrate that by sharing with you a few organizations/brands you should know and support.

Green Beauty Brands in Cyprus:

  1. Kypwell
  2. Cyprus Fisika
  3. Votani – Scents of Nature
  4. Gaia Olea

Zero Waste Products:

1. Vegan Fam
2. Let’s make Cyprus green again

                                       Natural ointment sold here

Organizations & Events:

  1. Young Cyprus Greens
  2. Friends of the Earth Cyprus
  3. Nature Festival – Plant a tree
  4. Let’s make Cyprus green again
  5. Vegan Festival

Paper straws sold here

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