Dark circles are a touchy subject for me since I’ve had them most of my adult life. They affect both men and women equally and it is frustrating when you are constantly asked if you are tired or sleep deprived because the answer is 90% percent negative. There are several reasons behind the causes of dark circles like sleep deprivation, sensitive skin, fatigue, over exposure to chemical based make up products, dehydration or simply hereditary (which is the case for me). Personally I don’t believe there is just one thing on the market that can treat them. Instead, I feel that in order to reduce them you need to combine natural/home remedies with commercial beauty products.

Almond oil is a very good natural remedy for treating dark circles and I have started using it myself and to be honest I’ve seen a small difference Pure Almond Oil by KTC .

What almond oil does is act as a balm which nourishes/moisturizes the skin around the eyes. It’s full of vitamin K and vitamin E which in turn help erase blemishes and calm any puffiness around the eyes.

Applying almond oil also helps correct any dehydration that might be present around the eye area and prevents this area from getting dull. Consistent application of this oil helps improve the texture of the skin, lighten it- making it more firm and even prevents premature aging (hmm).

Simply massage a few drops of almond oil with the tips of your fingers on to the area surrounding the eyes. This will enhance the blood circulation which slowly will reduce the dark circles. A small variation can also be almond oil and honey since honey has anti-inflammatory properties and has natural bleaching properties. Just mix equal parts of the almond oil with any organic honey into a paste and then dab it on to the area surrounding the eyes, leave it on through the night and rinse off in the morning.

The other product I love using when trying to conceal these annoying circles is the High Precision Retouch – Illuminating Concealer by GIORGIO ARMANI. I’m simple in love with this product as it is not cakey at all and simply blends in, giving me a sheer coverage. It brightens my complexion as it is specifically formulated to target dark circles, shadows and blemishes. It is a product infused with light-reflecting pearls and vitamin E and the hydrating formula diffuses light for optimal results and significantly more radiant skin.

‘Till next week…