They say the decade twenties to thirties is the one when you need to figure life out. Is that enough though? Take into consideration that this includes all the socio-stereotypical must-dos, like getting married, finding a life-changing job, taking out your first loan and buying yourself a house – more precisely, a tiny, single, yet cozy room. These and a zillion other worries are only more reasons that exist to make you feel sorry for yourself.

Well into my late twenties, in an era where kids are congratulated for not sharing hugs and kisses, in times where Covid-19 and whatever comes with it, is taking away jobs, breaking up families and giving our insecurities another dimension of low, you are forced to grow up. Figure things out. Find your way.

I am not saying I’ve found the deeper meaning, clearly! However, I feel like I am steadily working towards it. So, let me take away your blues by sharing a tip or two, that lifted me from my misery and my nostalgia towards my care-free student moments, to a being fully-in-love with adulthood inception!

We are conveniently designed to obviate the necessity for self-care time, well, do I need to say more? PROVE – THEM – WRONG. It is OK to relax. It is OK to blow off a night out just to chill, alone and enjoy a nice, thousand-time-watched movie. It is OK to fall in love with a never-read-before book, so much that its story begins to feel like your reality. It is OK not to be 1000% ALL-THE-TIME. It is OK to have your heart broken, put it back piece by piece, only to risk giving it again to a potentially new heartbreaker. It is OK to admit that you are not OK.

Emily Bronte once wrote “Proud people breed sad sorrows for themselves”. And I get it. You don’t always have to be the best at everything. You don’t need to figure your entire life out in your 30s, 40s or 50s!!! Take it one step at a time.

Stop expecting unlimited indulgences from chivalrous devotions of other people. Don’t lose your faith to humanity, not for a second. I am a firm believer that only together, people can go places. Saying that, everything starts from you, and yourself only. Look yourself in the eyes and tell me what you see. What I see, is potential.

Enjoy the first beam of light by the shore. Jump on a rooftop and stare at the full moon as if you are craving alms of love and moonlight wishes. Watch as many sunsets as you can endure. Have a good laugh. Listen to a song that speaks to your heart, a trillion times on repeat. Work out. Swim with the turtles in Limassol’s waters. Get inspired. Get up. Conquer the world. Your world. Breathe.

In whichever place the soul lives, – in my soul, and in my heart, I’m convinced that happiness comes from the small things. And most importantly, it comes from within.

The bottom line is: Give yourself a freakingly, awesome break! Cut you some slack. Take on a leap of faith. Follow your dreams and choose the path that will make YOU happy. Do you. Be you. Fearlessly, unapologetically and gloriously!

That was A tad-beat of Nicole in general. We’ll see each other, soon


Nicole x