Fasting or not, this week is a good time to challenge ourselves and engage in a cleansing period from all the meaty meals we so overly enjoyed over the past few days!

This does not mean that we have to stay away from our favourite alcoholic beverage, AKA Wine. Find below 3 go-to options, that pair perfectly with our veggies:

  1. Fortant de France, Sauvignon Blanc – Green apple salad:

A great single varietal wine, from France. The Sauvignon Blanc grape characteristics are so obvious in this refined bottle, they provide a very representative expression of this variety.

A light-bodied wine, a bright lemony colour and so fresh it makes your mouth watery! On the nose you get aromas of grapefruit and pineapple. Upon first sip, you will identify flavours of citrus, lime and basil, accompanied by a very refreshing after taste.

Enjoy it with a green leaf salad, accompanied by sour green apple, freshly grated carrots, garlic infused croutons and a honeyed vinaigrette sauce.

RRP at around €10

Find it here:

  1. Marques de Caceres- Satinela and Strawberry, Arugula Salad:

Made from Viura and just a bit of Malvasia grapes, it is a “semi-dulce” white wine, which means it has a subtle, refreshing sweetness. This happens because the grapes stay longer on the vine, gathering more and more sugars. This method is called late harvest, and all of the grapes are collected by hand.

Its colour looks like straw, with bright yellow highlights. By the time you smell it, you get exotic fruit aromas, delicious pears and banana.

Again, a light-bodied wine that can perfectly be paired with fresh, sweet Strawberry on top of crunchy arugula, with honeyed balsamic dressing, and a few pine nuts to give a lovely crunch and texture.

RRP at around €10

Find it here:

  1. Dr Loosen, Bernkasteler Lay, Riesling Kabinett Casserole baked vegetables with mustard sauce

A German wine made by a renowned winemaker, made exclusively from Riesling grape variety. Described as very elegant and filigreed! This gem is made in a Grand Cru (top quality) vineyard, in Mosel.  It’s semi sweet, light yet a most delicate style of Riesling.

Its colour refined, pale yet brilliant gold. It has an extraordinarily deep and complex aroma of peach and citrus. The harvested fruit gives it a dense, mouth-filling texture, with a refreshing taste and a long, juicy bodied finish. A great gastronomic wine, that pairs with many dishes and styles of food.

Pair it with Casserole baked vegetables and mustard sauce. A perfectly simple choice!

RRP at around €20

Find it here:

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Give them a try becuase they will elevate your detox week to a wonderful, new, tasty experience.

See you next week!

Cheers, Santé and Yiamas…

Until then.. Strike for a glass half full !

Nicole x