I’ve recently been semi-obsessed with the idea of making my own clothes. Why? Firstly, sustainable brands are expensive. Secondly, I can’t find anything that I like and thirdly,I quite like the idea of wearing my own creations. Saying that, after I looked into it, I realized it’s not as easy as I thought, so I decided to start with small crafty projects to warm up. I want to use fabrics from things I already own which I don’t use, or if I have to buy fabric then I will limit myself to 100% natural fibers.

Scouting the world of Pintrest for inspiration I thought I would start with these:


I have decided to make these baskets and storage containers for my makeup kit. For example, a little bin to throw in my cotton buds, flannels and sponges would be useful and so would a foldable case for my brushes.


Reusable cotton pads

So that’s it! That’s my plan for now. Let’s all try and repurpose stuff we already have and just generally buy less.
Big thanks to @becreativechristiana and @sofianotes for encouraging me to do this!

Let’s get crafty!

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