Christmas sales have already kicked off online and at stores near you!

I’ve bought some of my best pieces in the sales over the years. But do you find you always pick up a load of cheap crap you don’t actually want that ends up in a black dustbin liner to give a way. Or, do you just like to buy something for the sake of it because it’s been discounted?

How to bag the best bargains in the Christmas sales…

Have in mind what you really want and have a targeted approach rather than wandering aimlessly around and impulse buying for the sake of it.

Be disciplined and don’t overspend if you really don’t love something. Think: ‘do I really need this?’ before buying it.

Don’t be swayed by the low price – I always double it and ask myself would I still want the item in question then?

Buy the right size – sounds obvious but I have been known in the past to scoop up too-small shoes in the hope I’ll squeeze my size in. This only ever ends in disaster, as well as bunions.

What can you wear it with? Always picture the item working with other things you already own. If it’s going to be lonesome in your wardrobe, walk away.

Definitely go sale shopping with a list of what you want – otherwise you can just get carried away and buy for the sake of it!