Do you have long term goals? Do you often day dream about achieving them? How confident do you feel that they will be fulfilled?

The key to your dreams becoming a reality is to believe in yourself and your abilities. Only you can make them come true. YOU have the power to stop the “doubting”.

Try these strategies to regain confidence:

  1. Learn to recognize self-doubt. Are you aware of how much doubt is affecting your goals? The first step, is to recognize the power that self-doubt has over you.


  1. Avoid letting your struggles stop you. Struggles can increase your doubt about your abilities to achieve your goals. They can make you give up and walk away – if you let them.
  • Face your problems face on and trust me, what does not kill you ONLY makes you stronger.


  1. Recognize your excuses. Creating excuses is the easiest thing you can do to NOT pursue a goal. You may tell yourself that you’re not worthy of your dreams or that they’re foolish. Doubt can make you stay in a comfortable place that isn’t fulfilling.
  • Your excuses might include that you don’t have enough time or resources to achieve your dreams. You may also blame your family, background, or other aspects of your life.
  • Recognize that you’re using these reasons for excuses. Think of them as simply challenges that you can find a solution to, and get busy!


  1. Act with confidence. You must go after your dreams and goals with passion and confidence even when you’re scared and uncertain.
  • Practice by doing things that take a little courage. Not only will you get some things done, but you’ll also have more self-esteem because you’re doing things that scare you. You can build up your confidence over time with baby steps.


  1. View your challenges in a new way. Life is filled with teachable moments that can help you get to your dreams. Challenges can shape and transform you.


Dare to dream and dare to be awesome!

Fotis x