If you are someone who loves DIY-ing your own skincare, this article is for you. I’ll give you some basic but brilliant recipes for different skin concerns, which you can easily recreate at home. You can of course create more sophisticated and complex recipes with more ingredients if you have the knowledge to do it, but for this article I’ll keep it simple, using ingredients that most certainly we all have in our kitchens.

So let’s start with a recipe for dry skin:

Honey, yogurt, oatmeal, avocado and olive oil. Undoubtedly, thse are all ingredients that deeply nourish the skin. You can mix all of them together in a food processor or you can choose a few out of them. My favorite combinations are honey with yogurt, avocado with olive oil, oats (ground oats into a fine dry powder prior to mixing) with yogurt and avocado.

To brighten your complexion:
If you have a variety of citrus fruits at home, why not make a brightening mask out of them? However, I would recommend doing enzymatic masks only in the winter, since fruit acids can make your skin photosensitive.

You can mix yogurt with juices of lemon, orange, pomegranate and/or grapefruit. If you need to thicken it up you can add a teaspoon of dried clay if you are acne prone or ground oats in powder form if you need to soften and sooth your skin. If you have super sensitive skin, don’t worry you can still do this mask but make sure you incorporate some peeled cucumber puree and/or Aloe Vera in the mixture.

For Puffy eyes/face:

One thing that really helps to alleviate the puffiness is having something cold on the area. Green tea ice cubes are great for boosting circulation. The ‘high in caffeine’ tea and ice combo will reduce swelling and excess fluid around the eyes. Make a cup of strong green tea, allow time for cooling and then pour into an ice cube tray. Once frozen, wrap a single cube in a piece of muslin and use the cube to gently massage and press under and around the eyes and face for a few minutes.

If you get sunburned:

When trying to soothe sunburned skin, the simpler the better. Cold yogurt or Aloe Vera will do the trick. Even mixing them together will work just as well.

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