Let’s get scientific shall we? I’ve been reading a couple of books and listening to podcasts (Tom Bilyeu, Jim Kwik) about how the brain works and I wanted to break down a couple of tips for you to make them applicable daily.

Firstly, a little science:

What are endorphins?

Hormones that your body produces to ease pain, make you feel calm and happy. They can trigger positive feelings in the body, similar to morphine. Have you ever heard of a “runner’s high”? That positive and energizing outlook on life you get after a run or a workout?  That’s your organism having an endorphin party.

What is dopamine?

A feel-good chemical that transports information between neurons. The brain releases it during a pleasurable situation (good food, sex, exercise). It boosts our mood, motivation, and focus!

How to get your happy hormones & chemicals naturally:

  • Get outside. Nothing like a walk in the park, or next to the beach and being 100% present.


  • Exercise. Something we could all do more of and the benefits are backed up by probably a gazillion scientific researches. ( And guys it doesn’t have to be in a gym!)


  • Listen to some upbeat music. One of my favourites. Put on your headphones and lose yourself in the colourful world of your favourite music.


  • Get a massage. A natural endorphin releaser. Plus, you deserve it!

Hope these help.