..and just like that…

The Christmas décor frenzy is no more.

As opposed to a glass of red and the decorating of the house with all things Christmas, yesterday was all about a virgin, sparkly, fruity drink ( details in previous post) and the putting of Christmas away.  Such a big headache of a job which took place over the course of the day- in stages that is!

To be honest, it was lovely seeing the house come alive with Christmas spirit. I try to mainly buy things that can be reusable year after year rather than using too much greenery that would have to be binned at the end (the chucking out would make my life so much easier). So, with decorations being a mix of the two, my home was decorated to the max and I enjoyed every Christmas candle and every fairy light but I was so eager to clear it all away. It feels like with the rising of cases and contacts with cases my Christmas cheer miraculously vanished and put me off everything green and red overnight. I deffo couldn’t last a day or two longer and all I need right now is to have some clean minimalism around here because the constant news of the pandemic is causing me claustrophobia and the Christmas décor frustration. Can you feel me?

Boxes and boxes of old and new are now in the basement organised and ready for next year ( my time and management skills were put to good use!) I thank god this only happens once a year because that gives me time to forget what a bloody headache it all is.

All good things have to come to an end, I feel relieved that Christmas has been done and dusted with and now, with a clean, clutter- free house I’m looking forward to the longer days which signal hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

Enough is Enough for this year !

Maria x