“After weeks of indulgence and heading straight back into the pollution of the city, my dull skin needs a fresh start.”

You may have heard of enzymes in food but what about in your skincare?

  • How are enzymes used in skincare?

In skincare, enzymes often work by breaking down proteins such as the keratin found in dead skin cells on your complexion surface. Where manual exfoliation—such as in scrubs and traditional peels—can be incredibly abrasive and irritating, enzymes allow for gentle and even resurfacing of the skin, without causing redness and breakouts.

  • How should I use enzymes?

Think of enzymes as a shortcut to skin radiance.

Elemis’ Dynamic Resurfacing Smooth Start Collection features four products to help you reveal fresher, brighter skin; rewriting your skin story for a smooth start this new year.

So, if your skin appears dull and needs a refresh after weeks of indulgence, or if you’re oily and prone to breakouts, opt for this collection to purify and renew your complexion.

Give enzymes a go and shop the Dynamic Resurfacing Smooth Start Collection from Nyxi Nyxi Beauty Lounge in Limassol:

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